Lú, Cocina
y Alma

Chef Juan Luis Fernández

Restaurant with 1 * Michelin, where the flavors and forms merge into a unique space, where nothing is as it seems.


Juanlu Fernández

Juanlu Fernández started a great gastronomic journey by his dedicatiom to artisanal pastry making then traveling through different cuisines of great chefs in Spain to explore his passion and concern to learn more. Chef Juanlu is passionate about both France and his homeland. This enthusiasm, coupled with his culinary training, is the driving force of the tasting menus he creates where good ingredients and respect for seasons and heritage are themes that run throughout.


Calle Zaragoza, 2 11405 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz 695 40 84 81 info@lucocinayalma.com universolu.com

The Restaurant



Lú, Cocina y Alma is a magical universe in which we find haute cuisine, where Andalusia is fused with classic French techniques. A restaurant with the chef’s table concept where the kitchen is located in the center of the room and dining tables are facing towards it. The effect is a fully immersive experience for diners who are spectators to the cooking process before they’ve even tasted what’s on their plate. Guests at Lú, Cocina y Alma should expect the unexpected.


Universe Lú

Describing his cooking as ‘vanguard in retrospective’ Chef Juanlu draws on his own heritage while still innovating. Inspiring his team of traditional Andalusian chefs, he creates dishes which center on classical haute cuisine but with a quirky touch, transporting diners to an unexplored world.

“Discovering the classic cuisine of heritage to re-engage with the ingredients of our land and points of craziness”
— Juanlu Fernández